Displayed in The Koppel Project in Bank for the OPENing Exhibition REPRISE 

Displayed at Light Beams Under A Bridge Vol. 9 in Kings Cross Canals  

My laptop is a place of chaos, a place lacking storage, somewhere where no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to organise! Sifting through my files I recognised a mass of material that had built up. 

Over the past few years, I have constantly collected scrap materials here and there to use for animation purposes. Instead of keeping the materials lying about physically, I scanned them digitally. This however built up a form of digital hoarding on my laptop gaining digital dust as the files just sat with questionable names existing for no purpose. To confront this, I decided to animate all the files into one film. The film PUNCH expresses boredom as it presents mundanity in the nature of the materials (scrap paper, coins, food stickers etc) and also chaos as these materials accumulate and fill the page they sit on. While the narrative is unpredictable and abrupt like a punch to the face, the material meets an environment that is both inescapable and somewhat lifeless. The material has nowhere to go and nothing to do so it falls into an insanity leaving us with an image of a hoarded mess.