Selected for The INDIs Film Festival, The Darkroom Festival and The Malarkey Film Festival

Displayed at Light Beams Under A Bridge Vol. 9 in Kings Cross Canals  

Exploring the interaction of motion and sound, and the further exploration of the digital and analogue. Through collecting materials, I explored the form of the objects as they are, and how they can be manipulated through stop motion. Using the act of poiesis (giving life to something inanimate), the interaction of sound to these movements alters the perception of them e.g., reluctance, mechanical, and stilted movements. All the materials and sounds existed on my desk and only my desk. The limitation to one single object (my desk) and what it carries on its surface presented both freedom to explore the depths of the desk while also maintaining restriction. Through collecting data of one material e.g., the stamps, made me question the differing textures and properties of the same object in many different ways.